Just returned from a 2 year soujourn in the states facilliltating the Olympic dreams of my youngest daughter; more than 30 years of supporting the development and aspirations of two older progeny… the time has come at last to explore what makes me happy.  And much to everyone’s suprise, the answer appears to be hats!

Why hats? You might well ask… but if you do it indicates that you don’t know me very well or have never been through the pictures on my Facebook profile.  Hats appear frequently, not only on my page but on the posts of friends and family all of whom share my dirty little secret, ‘hatsession’.  Whilst this isn’t technically a word featured in any dictionary, those that share this afflication will instantly recognise its meaning: noun – the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc. for hats!  This condition typically manifests itself on either a seasonal basis (connected to events like Royal Ascot, Henley or any Ladies Day at the Races) with particularly virulent attacks associated with the mere mention of the words ‘wedding invitation’.  Fellow sufferers will know the fever induced by these events and even those who consider themselves ‘social’ hat fanatics will feel the urge to hunt for the perfect tile at the sound of distant wedding bells tolling for their offspring.

As all available money has been poured of late into funding Olympic ambitions, my own hat collection has been sadly neglected.  But that is all about to change as I now intend to inflict my passion for millinery on the world through development of my own ideas and designs and showcasing of fabulous vintage and outrageous contemporary ‘hat couture’ on this blog and an associated website where hats will be available for purchase and to hire.  Look out world for a big dose of flowers, feathers and fabulous!