After many months of research and playing around with ideas, I am pleased to say that I finally got my act together to launch my new shop on Etsy, Hat Couture Creations

IMG_1352Here you can find the creations that are a result of my scouring of charity shops for designer millinery that deserves to be upcycled. After going through the process of a complete refurbishment (and in some cases a bit more than minor cosmetic surgery), my ‘enfants de la mode’ are ready to debut once again on the runway as ‘Millinery Reimagined’. Not only do I therefore feel good about rescuing these little gems from the textile recycling bin (whilst making what in some cases is a sizeable donation to charity to cover their purchase) but I also intend to donate 10% of the proceeds from all sales on my site to charities that support women and children at risk.


The first few projects off the stocks show my passion for all things vintage and glamorous with dramatic downturned brims and tumbling silk roses in a profusion of colours but leaning more towards the neutral palette with the odd splash of voluptuous lipstick red (just to feed the inner siren). The first products are available from stock as custom originals but I am able to recreate some items to order in a range of colours and designs. Custom designed pieces are also in the pipeline with a whole host of weddings and big events to look forward to in 2018.


The hats I have in stock are available to purchase online from my Etsy shop or you can make an appointment to come and try on a few over a glass of wine at my small showroom in rural Buckinghamshire (just down the road from Bicester Village so why not make a day of it and find the perfect bargain outfit for your big event too!), I am also happy to donate original pieces for auction to charity events aligned with my philanthropic objectives, If you would like to contact me to discuss your next big event or project, please do give me a call on +44 7804424930.

While you’re here why not check out my Facebook page at where I not only promote this page but also talk about all things hat related:)

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