Looking Good… Feeling Fabulous!

A stylist friend of mine asked me to put together a short video to post in social media showing a Look Book for my collections SS2019. After a swift panic, I trawled the internet for an app that would enable me to create a professional looking slideshow animation quickly and easily. Flipagram proved the perfect solution! In a few minutes (almost less time than it takes to watch the whole video) I had taken a selection of my recent style posts and thrown together the video featured here.

Within the hour, I posted the video on Instagram and Facebook with stunning results! It got shared, liked and reshared thousands of times with some very flattering and kind feedback. After many years working in Advertising and Marketing the power of social media and the apps it has spawned continues to surprise and delight me!

For those of you with an attention span of less than 1 minute, here’s a few of my most recent style images. All hats and bags are made to order and available from http://www.hatcouturecreations.com. If you’re interested in creating some of these looks yourself, I now stock a range of millinery supplies available at http://www.hatcouture.co.uk. Happy styling!

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